Facility Development, Business Planning and Design

X's and O's for your Facility

At Sportscape, our management team has over 100 years of combined
experience in the planning and construction coordination of courts, gyms and fields.
We have the tools and knowledge to walk you through the planning process. From conceptual design, to layouts, to schematics to design complete with prints, our group offers customized solutions.


Four common steps in facility development

1. What will it take to support your
endeavor? We can help analyze
your current programming and
revenue sources.

3. Meet to identify deeper variables, general construction materials and establish a conceptual general
construction estimate and sports construction estimate.

2. Get a basic/conceptual 3D drawing (getting your vision on paper) of the field, floor plan, or site plan for your project.

4. Evaluate market and climate for your business venture and combine market information, revenue and costs into an investment-ready plan.

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